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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  December 22, 2017 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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u.n. tell the world that we are with israel, he's told them himself. we recognize jerusalem as the capital. tax reform and a continued resolution to keep the government open. he is now home in florida. keep watching, i'm harris. here's dana. >> >> dana: not before wrapping up his first year in office on historic note. hello, everyone, i'm dana perino, and this is the daily briefing. president trump signing the tax reform bill earlier today marking the biggest overhaul of the u.s. tax code in decades and his first major legislative victory after so much drama in the uphill efforts of the president taking note of the a compliment. listen. >> this is the biggest tax cuts reform in the history of our history. this is bigger than actually
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president reagan's many years ago. i'm very honored by it. >> dana: chief white house correspondent john roberts is live on the north lawn. are you going to florida? >> am i going to florida? no. i'm going home. sometime later today. i'm actually going to take advantage and get a couple of weeks off over christmas. >> dana: you deserve it. what wasn't like at the white house this morning? >> let's take a look at the pictures at west palm beach again. i think if you do a little bit of side-by-side, coming down the stairs as well from air force one, he was fist pumping as he was coming down the stairs and going over to meet folks there. there is no question that this is a major, major major victory. you see the fist bump as he's walking with the secret service. this is what the president promised during the campaign. tax reform. obamacare when first because they wanted to get a little bit more money for tax reform. that didn't happen. this is what president trump had
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really promised. the mood here at the white house particularly the mood as he was signing the bill was this is a promise made and a promise kept. we initially thought it was going to be when congress came back the second week of january. then we thought he was going to do it in west palm beach next week because the review was going to take some time. then he decided, "you know what? i want to get this done before i leave,," the president saying, this will supercharge the u.s. economy and help taxpayers. >> i consider this a bill for the middle class and a bill for jobs. jobs produced through companies and corporations. you see that happening. corporations are literally going wild over this. i think even beyond my expectations, so far, beyond my expectations. >> in number of -- the number is now up to seven have announced either bonuses or hikes and
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wages and more charitable donations as a result of that reform kicking in. the president said, you know, this just happened in the past 48 hours but let's wait a few months and see what happens. one of the reasons why the president is getting the big welcome in palm beach, a lot of people congratulating him on the passage of tax reform. it's an area of florida that's spent a lot of time there with the president where he's very, very popular, so i'm sure he'll spend the next 20 minutes or so signing autographs, hats, and whatever, dana. very, very big day for the president, though, and a very merry christmas for his administration. >> dana: yet there is no rest for the weary. they are already looking ahead to next year. i'm curious to know if you know what happened at the political meeting that took place at the white house earlier this week? >> it was on wednesday. it was right after the president had that big ceremony and announcing the passage of tax reform. he huddled with some of his closest advisors and some folks -- putting it up on the screen
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and saying chief of staff john kelly, kellyanne conway, hope hicks, corey lewandowski, who everyone knows is his former campaign manager, and wrap our scale. we are told that meeting became quite heated when cory lewandowski stepped forward and said the president was not being well served by the political operation here at the white house. the president had met a day before with reince priebus, his former chief of staff and former head of rnc who also said the same thing. i was told that he was very critical of the republican national committee as well thinking that even though they raised record amounts of money, they need to do more. and sources here at the white house also say that there is a disconnect in the rnc between what's going on here at the white house and what the rnc is doing. it's almost like two separate entities as opposed to the rnc being the political arm of the white house, the committee
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-- i was told by an outside source that the rnc is in such bad shape it needs to be torn down to the the rest of the infrastructure that has been in there, it's rotting from the inside and needs to have a big overhaul. so we'll see what happens in 2018 on that front. >> dana: john roberts, have a great holiday. much reserves, we'll see you in the new year. let's bring in chris stirewalt. so let's continue to talk about that meeting that happened at the white house where they are talking about politics. while they wanted to celebrate the big tax reform effort, they really do have to start planning ahead. all indications right now is that the democrats are doing very well because of the generic ballot, but the president gets to go home on a high note having just signed a tax reform before he left. >> there is a fundamental
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disagreement here. what sort of been described, rightly, as a coalition government between the republican party and the trump populists. they put things together before the republican convention in 2016, went on for the most shocking political upset of my lifetime, and we watched as they try to govern together with hits and misses, right? you had a very rough beginning of the year, tough sledding for the white house as they struggled with even basic stuff. at the same time, how do you keep contact with the energy that propelled trump into office if you are selling out, "selling out" in favor of the republican establishment, even though it's the republican establishment that delivered the win. the gorsuch nomination of the supreme court and this tax cut is the work of establish in figures like mitch mcconnell and paul ryan. how do you fuse those terrible
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things like make that tension is real inside the administration and it's real as the think about how to approach the 2018 midterms. >> dana: it might've gave them a little heartburn when they've been praising his inkling out paul ryan and mitch mcconnell in particular thanking them for their help. does that give more of the populist side of the equation heartburn? >> especially after steve bannon stunk up the joint in alabama with the ruling more nomination, pushing that against the wishes of the president. they are not in very good order right now with the people who are the total war populists always against their own republican party. look at this way. when we get in january, when we come back, the conflict is set. does the president -- we have republicans like rand paul and others including paul ryan saying that it's time to cut spending, having just engendered a lot of deficit spending for the years to come, now it's time to cut spending and look at entitlements, look at welfare, those things. on the other side, you have the trump white house a, no, we are going to talk about borrowing
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and spending another billion dollars. this time with infrastructure, it's time to do with the democrats. the question, does the demonstration want to pivot and reach left, are they going to consolidate and keep this coalition together between the republic and establishment in these folks. the choices made in january and february is going to determine what the midterms look like as far as those questions. >> dana: down and washing time, you had a chance to hear from john roberts. is the criticism from the rnc actually warranted? >> no. i will put it this way. parties are done. the political parties, the rnc, the dnc, they are defeated. they are not what they once were. that is the fault of the mccain-feingold, finance reform legislation that was compounded by the citizens united decision that let anybody spend anything they wanted all the time. all of those things compiled to make meaningless political parties as central institutions. anybody who's saying, well, the
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party needs to be torn down and build back, i can only guess who they think should be in charge of tearing it down and building it back up. it's probably they themselves. i would say this is a bunch of fluff, plenary, getting the sweetest plums at the bottom of the big pudding. >> dana: there's a lot of money to be made in the consulting part of this. >> the scrape on the sucker. it's like all of the crumbs from all of the beautiful slices of cakes that have been cut and there are definitely a lot of people in this town making a fantastic living by sweeping some of those crummies in a basket. >> dana: we are glad you came on and wore a bow tie for this experience appearance. >> i figure i can nerd out a little bit because you create that safe space for me. >> dana: indeed. merry christmas. we'll see you in the new year. the more than 100 million americans expected to head out
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to their holiday destinations. but winter weather could make things tough in parts of the country on one of the busiest travel days of the year. several states expecting snow, sleet, or rain as a storm system moves through but let's get right back over to chief meteorologist rick wright -- i hate the wintry mix. it's the worst. >> that's my everything i've ever heard from a toss over. it's going to be a big ice storm across new england tomorrow. actually we've got about four really bad travel days across the northeast. this warm area you see across the southeast? that's all on its way down toward the northeast. the big warm-up is going to happen. that seems nice. but it's going to cause problems in a way. we've got one storm right now bringing the snow to northeast, tail end across parts of the central planes is -- we are seeing some of that wintry mix and the snow, parts of oklahoma, be careful on those roads this afternoon. by the time we moved into the
11:11 am
night, airports, by the way, not looking bad, which is great for us to the roads across the northeast is going to be a problem. you get the idea that a lot of people on the eastern half of the country getting a lot of rain. behind this, we start to see the colder air come in. here's how this plays across the northeast. we have snow today. tomorrow we start to see freezing rain and it's going to be pretty extensive. some say well over a quarter of injured freezing rain that's going to down a lot of power lines and is going to fall on top of the snow, that's going to create an ice layer on top of the snow. we see a little bit of the rain living in for about 5-6 hours and snow moved back in on the backside of it. a very comp located system. you see the snow first, then you see all this pink? that's all i think that's going to happen. sunday-monday, we have this coastal storm we are going to watch across parts of the northeast. overall i will tell you, dana, we had an amazing things giving travel time. not in the case of at least the eastern half of the country. today not good.
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tomorrow not good. christmas eve not so great. >> dana: who's going to have the best white christmas? >> that storm interior sections of new england are going to have that storybook christmas with the snow falling, acute bleeding. it will be a beauty. the process of getting there? >> dana: all of those traveling, got home safe. thank you so much. new details about congress paying out claims for misconduct. so how much taxpayer money has been spent on settlements for sexual harassment and other alleged offenses? plus the u.n. taking new steps to try to stop north korea's nuclear ambitions. watch. >> imagine being a north korean soldier so desperate and so ravaged by hunger and disease that you would take five bullets from your fellow soldiers in order to escape across the dmz? my friend susie cracks me up. but one laugh,
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>> dana: new data out shows how much money has been spent in workplace misconduct claims against members of congress. over the last 20 years, under $600,000 have been paid out to settle claims against senators. of that, none were for sexual harassment here there was one claim for about 14,000 for discrimination. in the house, there have been 199 taxpayer dollars paid to settle sexual harassment claims dating back to 2008. let's bring in jenna caldwell and richard fowler. both are familiar with washington, d.c. this is a tremendous sum. but from all accounts, seems like it's kind of a big problem. >> i mean, it's definitely a very big problem. what's even more problematic is the fact that some of the employees don't have the ability
11:17 am
to file complaints. i'll give you an example. a friend of mine recently ugly alleged that a congressman sexually harassed her. that allowed her to be further disenfranchised and not have protections that employees normally have. that something that have to be cleaned up it we look at the data and we see some of these very big claims that have been paid out -- i believe it was one that appeared in the news for over $400,000 for racial determination, if i was reading that correctly. i mean, we would love to know who that individual was for that sound like it's a very serious situation. lastly, there could be scenarios in play, not saying i have the data to support this at this time, but a congressman who may have a big campaign fund and they decided to settle the allegations within those kind of funds. those have to be come through as well but we don't know what the possibilities are because this will be a new world revealed to a lot of us. >> dana: richard, do you think there's rooms for republicans
11:18 am
and democrats to work on this place make they will be coming back after the new year. it seems to me, by all accounts i've seen, they realize, while back, we've got a problem, we've got to fix it. >> i think there's an opportunity for democrats and republicans to have to work on this, it requires that both parties start the search for a moral high ground. i think you have kirsten gillibrand on the left looking for a moral high ground. i think you have members on the right looking for a moral high ground. let's be real, dana. there is no moral high ground. on both sides of the aisle, whether democrats or the republicans, there is misogyny, there is racism, there is a homophobia. this idea of a high ground is a mirage. we've got to stop looking for the moral high ground and come together to figure out how we actually solve the me too campaign for the real solution is, one, education, two, transparency, three, accountability. but most importantly, it's education.
11:19 am
that is not just naming and shaming, it's how we educate young men and boys. that has to start immediately. >> dana: it's also for women to know their rights to stick up for themselves paren i know many members of congress have talked about that as well. gianno, we heard there are reporters looking into the possibility of up to 40 members of congress who have been accused of sexual harassment. that really hasn't come to fruition. do you expect to hear more of this in the future? >> this is certainly going to be a continuing conversation not just in congress or in the media, anyone who is really profile. an incident recently, i was talking with some executives, i said, how are you guys dealing with the sexual harassment? it was interesting what they sent to me. i was pretty blown away. they told me that executives in their industries and others said that they were not going to hire women unless they had to because they didn't understand what the standards truly where if something happened ten years ago and maybe they were in the room with a woman alone, they don't
11:20 am
know how to act. i'm like, wow, are you serious? to richard's point, there's a need for training, everyone needs to know what the rights are attached asking when everyone needs to know what the rules are. what a foolhardy thing that they would not want to hire women. that's going to hurt their bottom line. >> it's important for me to mention what people are saying because so many people are a -- feel and that's where i agree. >> i think gianno brings up a very, very interesting point that is not being talked about. that's exactly what happens when a pendulum moves that quickly. when it moves that quickly and it moves by a leaf, those who are the most vulnerable, right, women who are doing their best work in places like nebraska, in places like, you know, arkansas, they are the ones who men don't want to hire them because they do not want to get caught up in the me to campaign. i'm happy that gianno said it.
11:21 am
>> absolutely. >> dana: gianno and richard, i wish you a very nice christmas and thank you so much. astonishing new numbers about deaths from drug overdoses and the opioid crisis keeps getting worse. the next guest says it's worse than the aids epidemic and will explain why.
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>> dana: the nation's deadly opiate epidemic is so bad that it's dragging down our average life expectancy, which has dropped two years in a row. latest statistics for the federal -- 52,000 52,000 overdose deats
11:25 am
the height of the aids epidemic. chris humphries is a perhaps or on my professor with a focus on addictive behavior and drug policy. i heard you say, keith, you don't think these numbers have pete yet. >> dana: unfortunately no, they haven't. we see this huge rise in the wrong numbers, but you look at the rate of interest, still going up. fentanyl took from the invention to two years ago to get to 10,000 deaths. we added 10,000 more deaths in the last 12 months. this is far from the worst of i it. >> dana: what is it about the addictive properties of the opioids what to make it changes your brain chemistry and it's difficult to ever get off of it. with fence and all, in particular, coming across the border, we know that, and also illegally in the country, is there any way, that you can see
11:26 am
right now, that you can change the behavior? you are an expert in that. i'm curious that it's possible. some of the states and localities want to sue the pharmaceutical companies. i don't know what you get from that. >> the question is how do you create new people -- and something that should go faster. we need to stop putting people on these medication, no reason a 14-year-old kid who had a collocated wisdom tooth extraction to walk out of a dentist office with 30 vicodin and promise for a refill, and it still happens but we need to stop creating new addictive people. with those who are addicted, we have to give them a high quality services, give them treatment that will get them out of this very difficult situation they are in which is harmful for them but very difficult on their families and communities in which they live." >> dana: what you think about the lawsuits in the cities and
11:27 am
counties, there's about 5-6, i guess, going to court to get more funding, maybe change behavior, are there effective treatments that can help people that are addicted? >> i think one way to understand the lawsuits which are coming from all over the country, city, states, counties, frustration with the political process. a lot of people feel their elected legislators happened i them and the last request they have is lawsuits against either the manufacturers or some distributors. there have been some exposures, pretty egregious conduct or where i'm from, west virginia, there was a distributor shipping millions of pills with the town for 400 people in it. there's a lot of misconduct there. i think that will come out in these various court cases. >> dana: do you think -- we know the white house is very focused on this, talking about the opiate addiction a lot. do you think there is any specific thing they could do that would help the situation?
11:28 am
>> the president has laid the table very well. he's made important announcements, he gave a great speech, appointed a commission, smart people who give them a lot of good advice. now is the time of action. the commission gave good advice on a spending treatment, using law enforcement differently, taking action against fentanyl. now it's time for him and congress as well to put it into action. they haven't done that yet. and i very much hope they will. people around the country hope they will because we are losing wanted to 75 people a day. we really need to go quickly on this. >> it's the people, what their families go through. also we see here that the government estimates that health care costs poor job performance is costing americans $78 billion a year. that's according to the cbc. obviously we all have to do more. keith humphries, thank you so much for being here today. >> thank you. >> dana: a day after some harsh threats over jerusalem, ambassador nikki haley back at
11:29 am
the united nations talking sanctions against north korea. we will talk about what this crackdown includes. plus tens of millions of americans heading out for what should be expected to be a record-breaking travel season. adam housley has a bird eye view of some travelers. adam? >> yeah, 170 million americans, it already started in l.a. all l.a. although traffic is always bad here. it's only going to get worst. this will be a record holiday season. we will get a look at the numbers and even a look around the country coming up. brought to you by 1200 workers in boston -- we're proud of giving you our best. gillette. the best a man can get.
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>> dana: this is a fox news alert. the u.n. security council has unanimously passed a new resolution at this hour that would ban nearly 90% of all oil exports to north korea. these new sanctions are the latest attempt to push back against the rogue regime's nuclear threat. david lee mueller is at the united nations. why this resolution today? >> dana, this resolution is in direct response to north korea launching an intercut in the ballistic's metal on the from the 29th. this has the capability of launching anywhere at the united states for the resolution today is the tenth since 2006 addressing north korea, the fourth resolution this year. it will tighten the noose around the regime, restriction oil imports and exports and a host of other products. it also demands the repatriation of north korean workers who
11:34 am
provide pyongyang with about $500 million a year. this resolution was sponsored by the u.s. the u.s. u.n. ambassador thanked north korea's closest ally, china, for supporting the resolution. nikki haley also had some very harsh words for the regime in pyongyang. >> the kim regime continues to defy the resolutions of this council. the norms of civilized behavior. the patience of the international community. their arrogance and hostility to anything productive has set their country on a distractive path. >> nikki haley concluded her remarks saying, and i quote now, "this was the most modern example of evil in the modern world." dana? >> dana: david, thank you so much. meanwhile, pellets, palestinian president mahmoud abbas responding after nikki haley's them in defense of president trump's decision to recognize jerusalem and israel's
11:35 am
capital. saying, "america has lost its distance itself from the political process, but there are many important countries in the world supporting us they can play a role in achieving peace in the middle east." fox and friends because brian committee joined me now. i'm glad that you did. i'm going to show you the picture, brian, a invitation that nikki haley sent out to countries that, abstain, or didn't cast jerusalem vote, having a friend the party. did you get invited? >> no, i didn't. i did not abstain. i was one of the 21 countries that did not cast a vote or the eight countries that voted with us in the last vote to allow us, believe it or not, for us to move the capital, our embassy, to the capital of israel. turns out that israel wants that, turns out the congress the last 30 years demanded that, so he actually did that. that's where all the atms are, that's where the knesset is, that's where the supreme court is. i love the stands she took. i love the attitude she had.
11:36 am
she has class, her presentation was strong, it was direct, adapted the president's voice in doing it for their own style, trying to say, look, you can do what you want, and i'm not going to necessarily take the money away and the money is tackling what we give in, but i'm going to tell you right now, you ask for things, you are probably not going to get them when you ask for things. i think that america needs to let everyone know that we aren't looking to be your friend, we are looking to be respected. that was the message president trump wanted, that's the message the world is getting now. >> dana: they all get together today, as david lee miller said, they basically voted unanimously to say that north korea should not be a nuclear power. >> they should. 15-0. shows that chief still has three credit. shows everybody is saying, while my, america blew it. if you don't take the money away, it's an empty bag, it's not nothing for the world realizes this is an outrageous regime that pushed us to the edge but i think she's getting a lot of respect in my goodness, i don't run over the last and we
11:37 am
talked about in ambassador -- nashville and at the united nations? >> it's been forever. >> dana: vice president pence had a secret trip. he went to afghanistan, no doubt, overjoyed to see him because they are doing a lot of hard work for us. take a listen to what he said. >> before i left the oval office yesterday, i asked the president if he had a message for our troops here in afghanistan. he looked to me without hesitation from behind the resolute desk and he said, "tell them i love them." on the behalf of your commander-in-chief, and all of the american people to pay a debt of honor and respect and gratitude to each and everyone of you, to your service and your sacrifice. give yourselves a round of applause. >> dana: it's been many years since we've had troops in afghanistan, and we're likely to be there longer. it's very hard problem to solve. >> he met with abdulla abdulla, the second most important person in afghanistan, executivewise,
11:38 am
and he let them know that things have changed. i understand that afghanistan, the leadership is happy because one thing, we change their mission. we are letting them leave their base. it's going to put guys and women in more danger, but we have the push things forward. holding our own, staying back in the training others is not working. it's the way we are attacking, the progress made it simple. we have forest ice is out there that helps. >> dana: changing the rules of engagement there was also super important. also not singling we are going to leave. it's a hard thing to be the president that has to say we are not going to say exactly when we are leaving, but you have my support. i think they were probably appreciative of that message. >> he was supposed to go to egypt. he was supposed to go to israel. i think there's another reason. but i will reach in afghanistan and come home. >> dana: who wouldn't want to be with the troops? >> he did the best bush in quite some time really since will ferrell.
11:39 am
"tell me i love them." >> dana: brian kilmeade, thank you so much. be sure to catch brian's special, "andrew jackson: hero under fire," airs the sunday night at 9:00 p.m. eastern and again at midnight on the fox news channel. you don't want to miss it. expected to be a record-breaking travel season going into full swing today, more than 100 million americans reportedly hitting the roads, rails, and skies, heading to the holidays decoration for that high-volume moving across several states setting up what could be some slow travel. adam housley is live in inglewood, california. next to the country's business interstate. how's it looking this afternoon quite like it doesn't look bad to me. >> this will be the only time you will see the 405 on any day moved about this time of day, we have about an hour or half or so, but we are starting to slow down a bit to the north which a little abnormal. you give an hour or two, this place will be backed up pretty good. 107 million people expected to get in the air, on the road, or
11:40 am
on rail to see people over the holiday season. that's through the years, and record according to aaa. when you have that coupled with the bad weather, as he mentioned, there needs to be a lot of back up. aaa said you better make sure you have your patience because a lot of people tend to let it boil over. >> if you find yourself on the road encountering another motorist who is a little road rage, there's a couple of things you are not going to want to do. don't make gestures, don't make eye contact. keep a good distance between your car and their car and if you find yourself in need, call number one call 911. >> the planes fly over this year, the 107 million who are traveling, 97 million will be by car. the majority of the others will be by air. there's already been some backups, we know. atlanta as well as lax. a couple of other locations, dell is included. you can see the lax live look, you go to laguardia on the
11:41 am
east coast, 22 states will have the storms move through whether it be rain, flood watches, or snow. you add that to the people who are getting on the roadway. makes it that much worse, dana. they said the reason why, gas prices are $2.45, down a bit since the hurricanes we've had over the summers into december. also the economy is good beer that's why they say people are going to be heading out to see mom, dad, everybody else this holiday season. >> dana: also buying last-minute presence! i'm one of those people. >> i've never been done this early. >> dana: congratulations, dave, merry christmas, we'll see you in the new year. >> you as well. merry christmas. >> dana: apple is facing class action lawsuits after fessing up to what owners were suspecting all along. why democrats think it will come back to haunt republicans next november. >> this is something that republicans wanted for years and democrats wanted for years and yet it never got done. who would object to trillions of dollars being brought back into
11:42 am
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11:45 am
>> i'm rick leventhal on the fox news desk. president trump in florida for the holidays. hearing about a big meeting down at the white house. the topic, 2018. there is word it got heated. we'll talk to fox news sunday anchor chris wallace coming up when i fell in on "shepard smith reporting." >> dana: democrats setting their sights on the house and senate, hoping to hang the presidents tax class -- after the republicans lost special elections in in the blood alaba and virginia, republicans warning president trump 2018 could be a bloodbath. the president predicts voters will come around when they see more money in their paychecks. >> democrats don't like tax cuts. they want to raise your taxes. they don't want to lower your taxes. we are cutting taxes. we are taking care of our
11:46 am
military. we are taking care of people. republicans in the house and republicans in the senate have been incredible. >> dana: former democrat a campaign executive walking on five senate campaigns in the obama reelection campaign. are you happy you have something to run on, the republicans are going to run on tax reform but so are the democrats? >> absolutely. this couldn't make a clear contrast for what this upcoming election is going to be about. you saw the republicans going out, try to use all of their energy to sell this bell. basically they are trying to size or jazzercise in quicksand. not only does it get to the populace base giving big tax cut the corporations, all don't like your medium income suburbs that was either taxes go up, that's a big problem for the republicans in 2018. >> dana: there were 12 republicans in the house who voted against tax reform. we've got some pictures of them here.
11:47 am
most of them from the states you mentioned. new york, new jersey, california, the higher tax dates. if those constituents, those republican members see their taxes go up, you think they are vulnerable? >> of these districts moving from donald trump to these voters are really uncountable wh them ideologically. they are uncountable to go public and party on social issues. what kept them bound to the republican party was the economic issues. with the republican party, raising their taxes, you cut that bind. >> dana: also if those people decide to move to better tax states, they would also not have as many people to vote for them. i also want to ask you about your senate races that you are watching. tell me about the ones you are most excited for democrats. >> there's three i'm going to mention. arizona and nevada, those have been talked about a lot. going to be an open seat in arizona and incredibly unpopular senator in dean heller in the
11:48 am
valley. my third is whaling. a lot of your viewers are saying i've hit the eggnog early. >> dana: i'm from wyoming! i know you have western roots -- walk me through it. i want to hear it. >> okay. a couple of points. one can vary in extensive state to run a campaign in. there are a few meaty markets. two, john barrasso quickly becoming the face of the republican leadership that looks incredibly unpopular. three, steve bannon is currently trying to work his alabama magic, orchestrating a primary there. four, we have a credible candidate and gary trotter who only lost by one point in 2006 when he ran against barbara loomis and we are in a very similar environment right now. >> dana: do you think the bloom is off the road when it comes to steve bannon after those losses and now that president trump seems to be thinking that the more establishment republicans like mcconnell and ryan are in favor? >> you know, the proof will be in the pudding. but he still has donors that are
11:49 am
supporting him. he obviously just pitched a huge profile of himself in a major magazine yesterday. and i think the five stories we read about the trump white house in meltdown over the midterms is a clear indicator that this has not been solved yet. >> dana: one of the things that the democrats are looking at is this huge booth of enthusiasm and turnout in alabama and virginia. but if the economics turned out to be in president trump's favor and it works out for the republicans, will that diminish the democratic turnout advantage? >> i don't think it will diminish our advantage. you have a base of democrats were obviously upset with the giveaways and the tax bill, but they are upset about the continued assault on health care, they see a supreme court seat in neil gorsuch that was stolen. i think the democratic energy is going to remain. >> dana: i appreciate you being here, timeout you have a wonderful holiday. we have a live look at
11:50 am
lambeau field in wisconsin where there is a heavy police and fire depart in presence and bomb squads. we'll tell you what we know about this next. stay tuned. $50 gift card for them, $10 bonus card for you. only at applebee's. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood. [ click ] [ keyboard clacking ] [ clacking continues ] good questions lead to good answers. our advisors can help you find both.
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talk to one today and see why we're bullish on the future. yours.
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11:53 am
>> dana: police responding to an incident at lambeau field, home of the green bay packers. police have cordoned off a large area in the parking lot outside the stadium. there is a car on top of something in the parking lot. a bomb squad truck has just arrived on the scene. fans have been at the stadium earlier today at the invitation of the team to shovel snow after -- officials have said the incident is over and the scene is clear. we'll keep an eye on that. california man could be behind bars for a long time for he's
11:54 am
accused of possessing marijuana on the south pacific island, a very serious crime there. now president trump may be getting involved. william la jeunesse is following the story from our los angeles bureau. >> most americans don't smoke pot, but they have a family member who does, some for medical reasons. unlike other prescriptions, don't take it to bali. >> i have a medical report from my doctor here and in america of why i use ganja. >> 32-year-old christian beasley is one of the latest americans in deep trouble about. his offense? having a bag of marijuana. >> they want to give me four years or more. >> recreational pot legal in eight states, but not indonesia. a predominantly muslim country where marijuana is a class one drug, no different than heroin. >> why does he have the hood on quick make is it because he's been beat up? we don't know.
11:55 am
>> come he's been in and out of therapy most of his life. sadly when he was four, he was kidnapped and he was gone for a year and a half. >> after five months in bali's notorious prisons, the california native escaped after being threatened by a prison gang. >> the reason behind his escape was he felt pressured in prison, threats from other convex. >> beasley faces for years to life or possession alone or death as a trafficker since police caught him with 5.7 grams, .7 too much. >> your heart just breaks for, you know, your son is there. >> your son is there. >> my concern is will they just take him out and shoot him? >> senior officials tell us that president trump saw the story last night on "special report" and ask for more information on the charges and conditions of beasley's captivity. >> dana: that might be where you make a call and help them out. william la jeunesse, thank you
11:56 am
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>> if you have an old iphone running at a snail's pace, you're not alone. apple admits they're slowing down the older models and saying it is to preserve their old batteries. now there's class action lawsuits saying the tech giant is slowing them down when new ones come out. the good news is, dogs continue to show how resilient they are. >> i thought oh, it will be so much fun to have a puppy for the weekend. he was wild, out of control. he didn't listen. >> turns out, that pup was born deaf. with dedication from volunteers, he was taught a new way to communicate through the power of sign language. in the u.k., a 9-year-old black lab was trapped from a frozen river nearly an hour before being rescued, luckily, he
12:00 pm
escaped with a small put. take a look at this nativity scene with dogs. thanks for joining us. i'm dana. here's rick. >> president trump signing the republican tax bill and celebrating the landmark legislation. >> so this is the bill right here. and we're very proud of it. it's going to be a tremendous thing for the american people. it's going to be fantastic for the economy. >> not everybody agrees. either way, it's the law of the land. >> the politics of the president. word of a major meeting at the white house with insiders showing concern about the coming years mid-term elections and how things are running at 1600 pennsylvania avenue. so changes ahead? and headed somewhere for christmas? in some ports, the weather is frightful with travel anything but delightful. can you


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